About Us

We formed as a society on 28th January 2008 with 5 playing pipers, all of us knew each other and had performed with each other at various venues both in England and France and so had a selection of music common to all of us.

Since forming the band has played a variety of venues both at home and abroad and has also run piping workshops in France. 

Many of the members play other instruments and instead of a normal practice we will occasionally have a small session with other musicians on smallpipes, piano, accordions, fiddle, guitar, northumbrian pipes, flute etc.

The band wears the MacFarlane tartan and clan crest badge which Clan MacFarlane gave permission for and to whom we will give regular updates to include in their quarterly magazine.

The uniform worn is usually described as Highland day dress, see below.



The tartan is ancient MacFarlane.